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by Favesalon
5/5 (5 reviews)
5 reviews
Sun, Sep 12
Very good
First of all, 5 Stars for Vivian, who is so sweet, I adore her; she is so patient and kind and always makes me feel comfortable and welcome . . .

But today was the first time I felt uncomfortable at this Nail Lounge and it was because of a new Manager that is there . . . I saw this woman walking up and down the isle with a clipboard, standing there and watching the Salon women working and she had this really unfriendly mean look on her face. I could tell she was making the women feel uncomfortable, because they kept looking up at her as she wrote things down on her clipboard and spoke to them . . . This Manager made me feel like I could not relax and if I talked to the woman doing my nails, I would get her in trouble . . . I asked who she was and was told it was the new Manager.

As I left to pay my bill, I asked the woman if she was the new Manager, and without a smile, she responded "yes." I asked her if I could tell her something, and she said "okay," and I said, "you should smile more, you walk around looking mean." She said, "I have to, so things will get done." She ,continued "They know I am friendly and smile." I replied, "but your customers don't . . ."

I hate to leave a negative review, because this Nail Salon has always been my favorite, I have been coming for a few years. But I felt the need to share about a Manager, who is making customers feel uncomfortable, because she is standing with a clipboard with a mean look on her face critiquing the employees. I just don't think it's necessary, the Staff has always been professional, kind and welcoming and they all were this time, with the exception of the Manager.
Mon, Aug 02
Very disappointed. At a week 2 of my nails cracked with the dip and then broke. Not sure I will go back. I am bummed.
Thu, Jul 15
Very good
Started coming here after rude service from a place I'd been going for years and have been so happy I did! All of the nail techs are lovely and do a great job. Linh did this amazing ocean-inspired design for the summer for me and I'm obsessed!

(Extra shout out for Vivian who is also great and has the sweetest heart)
Sat, Jul 03
Very good
Happy 4th! Nails done by Mily for the holiday. It's all powder, no polish. Her and Tina (for my toes) have been my nail techs for years and I love the new salon they're at. All the ladies do great work when I bring extra guests along and it's such a nice bright place.
Fri, May 14
Very good
5 stars for Luxurious Nail Lounge.
I have been going here for I don't know how long (years) but I continue to be a fan.

The place is very clean and comfortable.
I get a gel manicure and regular pedicure every three weeks like clockwork.

Mimi does my nails and Amy does my toes.  
I am very particular about my nails and Mimi does a perfect job every time.  (Unless I do not listen to her and pick an ugly color, LOL.)

Vivian is also awesome.

I just wanted to throw out kudos to this business, it rocks and recommend you all get your nails done here.

And bring your boyfriends for pedicures too!

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