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by Favesalon
4/5 (4 reviews)
4 reviews
Tue, Sep 07
Very good
I'm so happy with the services that I had done yesterday. this gelx stuff is next level! I appreciate her always being flexible with my work schedule ! Definitely recommend going to her for a pamper session
Wed, Aug 25
Very good
The service was great! This was the second time I ordered the menicure pedicure service. Vee came on time and my nails were done perfectly. Will definitely recommend.
Sun, Jun 13
Very good
Mobile couture is great! If you're looking for quality service, this is the place.  I've had such a hard time finding a place for my Mom to get a pedicure.

Every place now only has Spa chairs and those are hard for older people to get into. Heck, I have a problem. I have tried a couple of other mobile services, but they really didn't offer the best results. Mobile Courture provided top notch service in the comfort of my own home. My Mom is hooked and am I!

Such a great concept, and they provide excellent service!
Fri, Aug 07
Very good
In the current Covid-19 era, personal care businesses in California have been mandated to close. Sadly, this includes nail salons. I can take or leave my massages, waxing, eyelash extensions, and hair appointments, but I NEED to have my nails done. Fortunately, Mobile Couture Nails has somehow found a legal loophole, and is available for a wide variety of private at home nail services.

I made an appointment by text, where I was asked to make a $20 deposit. On the day of my appointment, my nail tech Coco arrived at my house on time. She set up shop in my living room, and banged out a flawless full set in one hour. I have had acrylic nails for 15 years, and have never seen someone work so fast, without seeming rushed. I highly recommend Coco.

Prices are only slightly higher than what you will pay at a salon, plus a travel fee depending on where you live. Be sure to wear a mask and tip well. I will continue using this service throughout the pandemic, and possibly after as well.

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